Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally! All caught up! After 8 long months...

My 25th Birthday!
  At the end of July I turned 25 years of age.  Although I am now another year older I am happy to say that turning 25 was awesome!  Roger made my Birthday very special!  He got me a very cute teal wallet with 4 gift cards in it! He also bought me a cold stone ice cream cake, blinds for the house, and a nice dinner at Olive garden.  Thank you baby for making my Birthday so fun! Here are a few pics from my Birthday! :)

The cutest face in whole world! I just want to kiss those cheeks 24/7! :)

Buttery & garlicy goodness all in one.

Too much goodness for phish to handle :)

Phish hardly ate any of his dinner...

And surprisingly I ate most of mine.

July 4th, 2011

Every fourth of July Roger and I like to visit Idaho Falls.  Roger's father and step mother live there and Idaho Falls has one of the best fireworks shows in the nation.  Here are a few pics from our time in ID.

In front of the literal Idaho Falls 

My first time in front of the Falls

The pieces of fireworks that fell onto our families bodies during the fireworks.  We sat pretty close this year and these big firework chunks were a little scary, next year we won't sit so close :)

My sister in law alice and her husband Terry had tank wars after the fireworks show.

And then Roger and my brother in law Tim lit a baby doll on fire with a magic whip, very entertaining :)

7 inches gone!

So my hair was starting to get really long which I was really excited about, but after all of my indecisiveness between blonde and brunette and because of a bad hair cut I had no choice to but cut it off and start over again.

Here is the new do.  I am excited for it to grow out again, but for the Summer it is a nice change :)

Our first house!

Roger and I have officially bought our first house (that explains the boxes in the last pic).  This is a pic of our beautiful kitchen.  We love our new house and can not wait to put cute little babies in the rooms upstairs!  We bought this place in June, it was a great 1 year anniversary present for the two of us!

New Truck for Phish

Back in March Roger had to say goodbye to Greenlee (his old car).  He bought this Ranger from my parents and hasn't looked back!


We went to Disneyland in March with my parents and it was an adventure to say the least!  On our way into the parking lot my step dad ran over a screw that was uncovered (because a light reflector in the parking garage broke off) and very deep into the ground.  We were not pleased and were delayed almost three hours getting into the park!  My mom talked with the people at Disneyland and got a little mixed up on what kind of hook up we were getting for this mishap.  She thought we were going to be escorted by Picnocchio to the front of finding nemo and that we were going to get in for free.  Well what actually happened was we were assigned to the Picnocchio parking lot and we got to cut in front of the line at finding nemo, oh and no free admission.  We had fun after the flat tire was behind us.  

Enjoying a boat ride at the happiest place on earth

Mom's favorite ride...finding nemo

Staring down my hot man.

A pink car just for me!  At autotopia!

Its a small world

Watches, Watches, and more Watches...

I made over 200 beaded watches for the Scrapbook expo back in March.  It took a lot of hard work both on my part and Roger's part.  We had a good turn out and lots of positive feedback.  We intend to sell at more public events in the future :)

New manager in town...

Also in March Roger found out that he was going to start training to be a manager at Applebees.  He is pretty happy being able to boss people around (hehehehe).  He looks so handsome and dominant in this picture! It's no surprise to me he got the job!  I am so proud of him!

A November to Remember...

One very important thing we forgot to mention last November was that my Granny passed away.  She was an amazing woman who we loved very much.  I went back to California for her funeral and my sister and I made this collage for her.  We put this up at the celebration we had for her afterwards.  We love you Granny!  God be with you 'til we meet again...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

November and December to Remember.

We haven't blogged so here's a quick recap of the past couple months.  For thanksgiving we went to Nate and Jill's house. It was good.  Cassie's Parents came to town to join us.  On black Friday the ladies woke up early to go shopping, and at night we went to temple square to see the lights.    


On December 3rd we were the MCs for the ward Christmas party. We went dressed as shown in the picture below and did really good Christmas comedy.  You had to be there... 
On Christmas Spoon woke up at 4 and dragged me out of bed.  She was more excited than a small child.  "Santa" brought me a kinect for the xbox as my big gift.  For her headline gift my santa brought her an armoire for her thousands pieces of jewelery. It was our first married Christmas and it was a huge success.     

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Extreme Makeover Dresser Edition

We did this to that dresser.



Family Reunion

We had an awesome time at our 1st annual semi bicentennial  Marsha Rey Robinson Miskin family reunion. All 7 children were there along with all 18 grand children of Marsha.  Louis (the eldest grand baby also known as chay chomps) got his mission call to Colombia.  Olivia is the youngest grand baby at the age of 0.  We didn't take any picts so I jacked some from Vanella. We had a talent show and a lot of just general hanging out, throwing the football, pounce, visiting, BBQ and water balloon ambush, guitar sing along,  craft day, and kareoke (at least we tried to).  One night the kids were out in the tent and the most powerful random rainstorm hit and we rushed out there to try and save them but they were soaked.  We also went to a reunion at Jay's house (my mom's brother). It was a really fun weekend to have the fam all together and to see everyone.      

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of 1000 pictures?

Well this is taking forever... If you want to see all one thousand pics come over some time.  But needless to say the wedding was a blast and it was good to get together with old friends and new families. Spoon and I have now been married for 2.5 weeks and we love it.  It is fun.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We are in California. We are getting married in 4 days! Here are some of our engagement pictures even though I'm sure you have all seen them.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun stuff this week

We had a week full of fun rad things. First of all, we both got new phones. Personal Droids that literally do everything.  I thought the phone knew when Mom's birthday was when I got a text from an unknown number reminding me to call my mother. Turns out Jill got a phone and it was her but I wouldn't be surprised if my phone knew too.
Next we found an apartment in Pleasant Grove.  It's the basement of a massive log cabin brand new kitchen, small and cozy up by the mountains. I'll be moving in April 24th and Spoon will move in after the honeymoon :)  
On Saturday I went to the festival of colors in Spanish Fork.  Cassie had to work :( but I had a really good time.  

There were thousands of people there.  We all threw colored chalk at each other, it was epic.

On Tuesday Cassie got a rare day off so we decided to go register for our wedding.
Spoon of course had complete control of the barcode gun at all times... ;)